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Glow Influencer Program

Be a part of the Glow Community Influencer Program

Got some followers on your Social Media Platform? Made an awesome Glow EO discovery? You can now recommend Glow to your friends, family or followers on social media and start earning commission for every successful purchase.

So get ready to share your shopping haul on your social media using your unique URL. If you love it, share it!

Get started in 3 steps

Sign up with your GLOW account
Step 2
Step 2
Choose your reward
Step 3
Step 3
Let’s begin to recommend and earn!

More reasons to join us

Higher Commission
Low Minimum Payout
Long Cookies Life
Expert Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Glow Influencer Program (GIP) is the process by which an Influencer (You) promotes Glow products  and in return, earns a percentage of a sale made through the unique tracking link/coupons as a commission.
Glow Influencer program is for anyone who wants to make an extra income through their social media channels i.e Facebook, Instagram, What'sApp, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, Blogs and Podcasters etc.

NO! Glow Influencer program is absolutely Free and there are no setup fees or hidden charges involved. Everyone is welcome to join.

Unlike other brands like Young Living Malaysia that require to purchase starter kit and re-purchase to keep your membership active, Glow Influencer Program is FREE and EASY to start making your side income! 

There are 2 types of rewards to choose from:

i) 10% commission in Cash.
ii) 15% commission in Glow Store Cashback.

You are free to choose any reward type during the registration. 

Once you have registered your Glow Influencer account here and have chosen the reward you want, our Admin team will review your application and approve it within 1-2 business days or contact you via registered email if further information is required.

Once your Influencer account is approved, you will receive "welcome" email.
You can then login to your account and start sharing and promoting unique tracking link/coupon.

The more you share, the more you have chances of earning. More!
It is the Glow credit stored in Glow Wallet under your Glow account that can be used for making purchases only on Glow website.

There are two basic criteria to be eligible for rewards:

1. The person you have referred must click on your unique tracking link or use your coupon to make their purchases.

2. All purchases should be made within 30 days after clicking on your unique tracking link.

Your unique tracking link or coupon can be found in your Glow account upon your registration.

All rewards (Cash OR Glow Store Cashback) will be paid within 30 days.

The Minimum Payout Amount is RM 50 which means when your commission from Cash Reward reaches RM 50, you can withdraw the amount to the bank account you have indicated during your registration.
Cookies are small files of information that a web server generates and sends to web browser. Web browsers store the cookies they receive for a predetermined period of time, or for the length of a user's session on a website. Almost every website on the internet uses the cookies.

We offer 30-day cookies life to help our influencers increase the conversion rates and give them more time to get their referrals buy Glow products via provided unique tracking links/coupons. This means that from the moment your referrals access our website, their purchases will be associated with your Glow Influencer account for the next 30 days.

Therefore, people referred by YOU will have more time to enjoy their holidays breaks, for example, to celebrate Chinese New Year or Hari Raya Aidilfitri –  and you will not lose your potential commissions.

Our Team works hard to continuously provide Glow Influencers with assistance, feedback and support they need.

We make sure that you have an easy access and all the information you need related to Glow Influencer Program.

Whether you are just starting on your Influencer endeavour or you are a seasoned pro, we've got your back.

You can be sure that you will always get response from our Team within 24 hours.

Send any questions/feedback regarding Glow Influencer Program to our dedicated email support at